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  2. Yo Ender! why can't we post on the forums? 🤔

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  5. What's going on with Ender's site? Why I see this warning and why did I have to submit this stuff?


  6. Hello Enderman's World!

  7. hello is this forum officially dead?

  8.  Nice forum #endermanch

  9. Enderman

    Forum software update

    Forum software update I just updated the forum software to a new version. There was 30min downtime due to that. Sorry for inconvinience.
  10. Enderman

    We are back!

    We are back! Hello guys! Yesterday I've decided to bring this forum back to life, because last time I messed up with some important stuff which led to the forum death. However, everything is back to normal now and I proudly introduce you my new forum, where you can share your thoughts and opinions, create and answer questions, help people out... and much more! Hopefully it will last long... with your help! Don't forget to read the rules, be respectful and reliable. Thank you for 12K subscribers! If you want to chat with people, join my discord server! Click here to join
  11. hahayes sonic mania soundtrack = LIT 🔥

    1. ItzFrisky


      shit i forgot to make my homework

      haha jk

      wtf is this and why i'm so cringy

  12. despacito 4 will be released by me

  13. despacito 10^69

  14. Despacito 2

    1. Jerry


      despacitom 2

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